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We live in the lovely quiet town of Warragul, which is situated in East Gippsland, Victoria Australia.  Both my wife and I are retired and we live on a small 1&1/2 acre property which is large enough for us and yet plenty of room for our Salukis to run.  We originally started dog showing and breeding with Chinese Crested in Sydney which to the larger part Elsa was concerned with. In 2000 we retired from NSW to Victoria and the time came because of health reasons when I had to walk more than I was, so I decided to get a bigger dog.  As we were already at the Dog Shows there were plenty to choose from, and it didn't take long as now a dear friend of ours had her beautiful white Saluki girl sitting up on their trolley and I fell in love from a distance. When we began to spend more and more time with them I realised these wonderful creatures would be the breed for me.  We waited nearly 8 months for a Pup and finally in late 2000 we got a beautiful golden girl called "Misty" and so our lives were changed forever.

In 2004 we moved to our present location and increased our family of one Saluki to three with the arrival of a lovely black fringed girl from New Zealand (Giselle) and a pretty white girl from Queensland ( Maddy) and so we were on the way to setting up our own line of breeding.

In 2005 Misty was mated with a beautiful tri-colour boy, nick named Nash and they gave us a beautiful litter of eight. Out of this litter we kept two, a golden boy named River Sand (Riva) and a tri-colour girl named Ebony n Ivory (Bonnie) so now our family count was 5 Salukis.

In 2007 I had the fantastic opportunity to attend the very first World Saluki Festival in England. I learnt much about the breed  and standard along with the opportunity of seeing many Salukis from a range of countries both in conformation and coursing.

In 2008 after both River and Giselle had become Australian Champions we mated them and got a great litter of five.  I don't want to boast but we were lucky enough to get a litter where it was hard to choose which one to keep.  We eventually kept the white boy Jamil and the black fringed red girl Bashira. The top white girl went to China to the Chinese Saluki Club and the other girl went to New Caledonia and our Saluki count was now 8.

2009 Was a Happy and a very sad year for us. Firstly our River boy won BOB and BIG at the Pot of Gold Show in August against nearly 30 Saluki Entries.  The sad part is Misty was diagnosed early in the year with a spur on her spine which kept her in pain often.  Later in the year in being considered for a new treatment it was discovered she had developed cancer.  So as things worsened and she became more stressed we were forced to put her to sleep just two days before Christmas.  She was only 9 years old and being our foundation Saluki is sadly missed and has left us with a hole in our lives which can never be filled.

2010 With her passing  started off as you can expect with 7 Salukis but soon got going with our 2 latest Salukis starting to do very well in the ring.  In one weekend Jamil took 2 BIG and 1 BOB and his sister Bashira also has done very well with 2 Bitch challenges.  Jamil and Bashira are both now Australian Champions.
Also early in 2010 Bonnie (Ebony n Ivory) gave birth in our lounge room to seven wonderful pups. We ended up keeping two pups a Male "Hunter" and a female "Feather" and so once again we are back to 8. Both pups have the most loving attitude and are real lap dogs. But nothing lasts forever and in June 2015 our beautiful "Feather"was bitten by something and suffered an anaphylactic shock right in front of us and died.

In 2014 We imported a beautiful Silver Grizzle boy from Western Australia who won most show as a pup. He has matured very well and late in 2015 at 18months old won his first group so we are looking forward to 2016

My Wife Elsa and I have never regretted for one moment our association with this wonderful breed and like many other Saluki Breeders, these beautiful creatures are our family and live with us all the time.  Even when we go out in the car they go where we go. It is no wonder this breed has lasted so long for we believe like the Bedouin did, that they are truly Blessed.

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